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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

NO Magic Pills,

NO One Week Detoxes, NO Two Week Jumpstarts,

NO Three Week Resets. 

Senior Therapy

A Fitness Plan Designed For You.  


 Limitations, Injuries or Ailments? 

No Problem!


We will help you to become the Happiest and Healthiest version of yourself.

You are about to embark on a journey. 

Get Excited!!!

Remember, this adventure has no definite end.  This is your new way of living

Simply Fit; It's A Lifestyle.  


Our team of certified trainers are here to help motivate and educate you on the benefits of fitness.  They will coach you through various exercise techniques designed to help build muscle, increase bone strength and speed up your metabolism.

Yoga Class for all Ages

Fitness is a state of health that is obtained through regular and consistent mindfulness to your mental and physical being. 

With over 50 years of combined experience, our trainers can help transform how you feel and how you look!

There Are NO Quick Fixes!

10 Little Neck Road

Centerport, NY 11721


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