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Green Hills


Approximately 5 years ago, after quitting smoking and drinking, I thought it would be a great idea to join a gym as well. I was in sad shape and I weighed 220 pounds. I had just turned 60.
I joined one of the very typical large gyms. Everything started off pretty well. I was going 2 times a week and I was basically training myself. Very soon, I found this “fitness” experience to be uninspiring, intimidating, and very boring. Not only that, but since it was uninspiring, intimidating, and boring, I started to skip sessions on a regular basis. It was no fun and honestly there were really no results. I guess that’s the bottom line…no fun, no results. I started coming to SimplyFit right around the time they opened about two years ago. Mike let me know from the start that getting in shape was a combination of exercise and nutrition. One without the other would not work. We started off easy…Mike put together a program of workouts that was designed specifically for me…so much so, that if I had an ache or a pull, or if my back went out, my workout could be modified to take that malady into consideration. Mike also gave me some basic tips to improve my diet. That information, the workouts, and taking a “diet/cleanse” just twice a year has gotten my weight down to 185. My muscle tone and fitness level are improving constantly. I got results…it was hard work, but it was fun too. What can I say but thank you to Mike, and thank you to SimplyFit.

- Tom M.

"I wanted my employees to reap the benefits of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Hiring SimplyFit to run our Corporate Wellness Program was a no-brainer. Healthy employees are more productive and get sick less often. SimplyFit will save your business money- period."


Albert Haug, President, US Media Partners

"SimplyFit is simply amazing! A place where it's not about the program, where it's not about the trainers...where the only thing that truly matters is "YOU"...your health and your well-being. You feel it, you sense it, and you know it. When they say "It's all about you", they mean it!"

- Fred Kaeser, EdD, Director of Health (retired), NYC Public Schools

Losing weight is a project I struggled to complete my whole life.  I was fortunate enough to have found the support I needed in order to lose weight at SimplyFit. Without their commitment to my needs and their support, none of this would have been possible. The trainers and staff at SimplyFit accommodating to my needs, helped me build my self-esteem, and made me WANT to succeed and persevere!

-Cathy T.

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