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Personalized Exercise Programs

Online Coaching

Online coaching is the most flexible, cost-effective, result oriented way to reach your fitness goals. Workout anywhere, anytime. Schedules are tight and so is money. We get that. Don’t let that stop you from getting results from  a personalized program. Convenience, motivation, accountability, affordability and results! 

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We have a money back guarantee, cancel anytime type of belief. Our aim is to make you happy, feel comfortable and reach your goals. If you don't feel like you're getting what you need and want out of our service, drop us.  Doubt you will feel that way though. 

Competitors charge anywhere from $80-$300 for the same service we charge only $30 per month for!!! You ask, "why so cheap?"  Simple, I got into this business to help people. I want this service available to everyone, regardless of your income.  We all work hard and deserve some personal help at an affordable price. 

Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Using an app that exists already, we are able to give you the best experience possible while reaching your health and wellness goals. 

Trainerize is a cloud-based personal trainer solution that helps fitness professionals 

connect with their clients. The application allows me to create a personal training program for each client, track meal plans and communicate in real time.



  • LiveChat: Talk with your pro in real time to address any questions, concerns, or alterations. 

  • Videos of Exercises: Not sure how to properly execute an exercise?  No problem.  We have videos of all exercises. 

  • Private Dashboard: Track your progress as your pro keeps you on track to reach your goals

  •     Accountability

  •     Motivation

  •     Results


Heres a little bit about me.  I am a real person.  I own a real gym that exists in person, not just online.  I opened my doors in March of 2012 and have been in business ever since.  Simply Fit Personal Training.  Catchy, right?  I chose this industry because of passion and my need to help others.  Through my over ten years of experience, I have watched people fall desperately into  "the trend of the day" only to end up just where they started.  I have worked with clients who have undergone bariatric surgery, cancer, pregnancy, old age, disease and understand the ups and downs.  The frustration and angst.  I know this is not an easy journey, but I want to try and lighten your steps. 

This is no gimmick.  Just a straight forward approach to overall fitness with you in mind.  The plans are personalized and adapt as you progress.  These are NOT exercises that some algorithm or fancy machine spits out.  They are exercises chosen by experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful professional personal trainers.  Nothing is generic because you are unique.  I know that I can help. And I am certain I will make you healthy, strong and happy!

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