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Eileen Ryan

Eileen received her BSN from Adelphi in 1981 and practiced Nursing for 21 years. When her four children began high school she decided a change of career was necessary and got certified as a Personal Trainer. Eileen fell in love with the profession and has been helping people get fit for over 10 years. Her areas of interest are Strength and Conditioning, TRX training, Injury Prevention, Balance/Core Awareness, Boxing and Stretching. The most refreshing sessions are not repetitive to keep the client in suspense as well as their mind and muscles. She welcomes any challenge a client has to offer. She enjoys Yoga and therefore incorporates poses into routines. She is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that includes long walks/hikes, healthy eating and functional fitness. She is always happy to share healthy recipes and tips in order to see her clients succeed.

Lily Allen

Lili is a dedicated, energetic and attentive trainer. She loves to help her clients achieve their goals and has a strong interest in nutrition. She believes that it is just as important to eat healthy, as it is to exercise on a regular basis. As a mom, she understands the challenges one encounters when trying to get back into shape. Lili’s personal experience has sparked a passion and determination to motivate others to achieve their own success. She is always looking for innovative ways to keep her workouts interesting while providing safe and effective instruction. Through her expertise, Lili will assist you in becoming a fit and happy individual.

Michael Dubas

Michael opened SimplyFit in March of 2012. He loves what he does and couldn’t see himself in any other field. There is nothing more rewarding to him than helping clients reach their goals and assisting them to become more fit, healthy and happy.
While attending the University of Albany, Michael developed a yearning for helping people change themselves. In order to make some extra money up at school, he decided to work at one of the “big” commercial gyms. He fell in love with training people and being a part of making his clients lives better.

After completing school, Michael found a job at Thoroughfit Personal Training. It was exactly what he was looking for; a local establishment that catered to the  individual in a small setting that wasn’t pushy or uncomfortable. Mike worked there for two years and developed a great rapport with all of the studio’s clientele. When approached by the owner to purchase the gym, Michael jumped at the chance. Mike wanted something to call his own, so he made the decision to rename and renovate the studio. These renovations included new flooring, new paint scheme, and new equipment. SimplyFit Personal Training was born. The studio now offers a fresh, comfortable, and energizing vibe which is optimal for success in reaching whatever goals the client has. It’s All About You!

Carol Bassuck

Carol has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  She has her Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and her state certification in Physical Education.  Carol’s personal achievements include training for and competing in various bodybuilding competitions.  Carol’s  philosophy includes instructing her clients in a holistic manner paying attention to all that makes up each person’s physical attributes.  She has a practical back-to-basics approach that gets results.  Carol has experience working with clients in all age groups and differing fitness levels.

Michael Capobianco

As a former college athlete, fitness has always been a priority for Mike. His passion for fitness has turned from a hobby on the field, to a career in the gym. With a nationally recognized certification through AAPTE, he looks to help clients identify specific goals, and implement a workout routine to achieve them. Whether it’s training a young athlete preparing for a sport or an older adult looking to get SimplyFit; Michael can help you.

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